ModernW E L C O M E

Butler O’Neill is a planning practice with a focus on consultancy and research, established in Cork in 2013. We provide a wide range of planning services through our team and our network of associates.


This planning and development consultancy is differentiated through a highly focused approach with engagement and consultation a top priority. We offer a uniquely tailored, personal yet highly professional service specialising in consultancy, strategic planning, marketing and business advice services.


Our strong emphasis on meaningful engagement enables Butler O’Neill to provide targeted plans and strategies that come from the ground level up and as a result a well rounded out come for the client.


Our expertise in planning and business ensures that outputs are translated, formulated and presented in a way that is viable to implement, accessible to all involved.  Our planning consultancy aims to increase the efficacy of stakeholders and ultimately bridge the gap between the business/organisation/community sectors and the public sector (Local Authorities).